Aggie Fireman and Police Officer Page

Many Aggies come from families of Police Officers and Fire Fighters, many of whom chose the same careers.
Some of our Aggies didn't follow their fathers, but chose these honorable careers just the same.

Your sacrifices and duties rarely make it to the media, but:

We know the honor of serving in such a capacity and we want to thank you.

This page is dedicated to all of you, with special remembrance to
Steve Olander (Class of 1980), a firefighter, who lost his life saving others.

May God Bless and Protect You All.


Police Chief Bill Lenaghan, Class of 1961

Mary Timmons, Class of 1970
(first female patrol officer in Oakland County)

Tim McNamara, Class of 1972

John Opipari, Class of 1979

Northville Police Chief John Werth, Class of 1980

Miles Tomasaitis, Class of 1981

Southfield Detective Sergeant Bob Frost, Class of 1981

Jack D'Antonio, Class of 1984

Kevin Mark, Class of 1984

Bob Menard, Class of 1984

Sgt. John Boyle, Class of 1985

Sgt. James Knittel, Class of 1986

Mike Frost, Class of 1987 USAF Security Police

Eric Barton, Class of 1987

William Melendez, Class of 1987

Jason Tonti, Class of 1988

William Willow, Class of 1988

Mike Boyle, Class of 1989

Daniel Baxendale, Class of 1994

 Robert Manar, Class of 1999



Fire Chief
Art Lenaghan, Class of 1959

Dick Rigley, Class of 1963

Robert Stonik, Class of 1973

Doug Masta, Class of 1979

John Masta, Class of 1982

Lt. Mark Orzech, Class of 1983*

Tracey Tonti, Class of 1983

Dale Bist, Class of 1980

Russell Zarras, Class of 1980

Sean Neary, Class of 1984

Lt. Arn Nowicki, Class of 1984

John Orzech, Class of 1984*

Dean Tonti, Class of 1984

Sgt. Christopher Daily, Class of 1985

Rob Huston, Class of 1985

Daniel Olinzock, Class of1985

Sgt. Robert Pepper, Class of 1985

Mark Schwartz, Class of 1985

Sgt. Chris Orzech, Class of 1986*

Joe Orzech, Class of 1986*

Patrick Wilson, Class of 1986

Charles Simpson, Class of 1988

Tim Wilson, Class of 1988

Ken Kroll, Class of 1990

Kris Fornash, Class of 1996

Bryan Wilson, Class of 1992

Mike Wilson, Class of 1996

Michael Douglas, Class of 2004

* All four sons of Chester Orzech,
a firefighter himself

Please contact us for additions, corrections, and ranking or promotions too!


We'd like to thank our military for their sacrifices and bravery,
At this time we acknowledge and especially thank

those Aggies serving in our military.
Please keep them, and their families, in your prayers.




Thomas O'Neill, 1982

John Zachman, 1985

 Michael Frost, 1987

Matt Carlise, 1989

Rebecca Russell, 1994

Bill DiCicco, 1995

Jeremy Lucas, 1996

 Rebecca Place, 1997

Martin Anderson, 2001

Michael Keller, 2002

Corey Chaissen, 2002

Justin Caverly, 2005

Jason Lanzon, 2005

Fr. John Kaul, Navy Chaplin


as well as the children and family members of Aggies...

Paul Walker Jr, son of Paul Walker (1970) USAF, Afghanistan & Iraq

Bess Martin, daughter of Judi Griggs-Dennis (1975)

Patrick Daly, USS Bataan, son of Mike & Sue (Dishman) Daly (1975 /1976)

Robert Schrock, USS New Port News, son of Robert E. Schrock (1965)

Peter Gokey, Iraq, son of Elizabeth Grimes Cross (1979)

Lisa Bauman, Turkey, cousin of Victoria Frush (1985)

Ralf Lange, husband of Teresa Robinson (1987)

Christine Hanlon, USS Harry S. Truman, daughter of
Carol (Meisnitzer, 1970) & Bob Hubert
and Dan & Janice Hanlon (1968/1973)

Joseph Behrend, USAF, son of Douglas Behrend (1967)

Derek Drain, USAF, son-in-law of Maureen (Oyer) Maurus (1968)

 Matthew Olinzock, USMC, son of Dan & Lisa (Schwartz) Olinzock (85/87)

 Special and Sincere Thanks to those that have served:

Robert E. Schrock (1965) USAF

William D. Schrock  USAF

Douglas A. Behrend (1967) USAF

Frank Chuhran (1967) ARMY served in Vietnam

Greg Gonyou (1967) US Marines served in Vietnam

Lawrence Lampron (1967) ARMY served in Vietnam

Kurt Rundel (1967) ARMY

Larry Semik (1969) USAF served in Korea

Paul Walker (1970) USAF 1971-1991

Karen Semik Spoor (1972) USAF Retired 1973-1993

Mike Semik (1976) USAF

Vance Nannini (1977) ARMY Retired, served 26 Years

Stephanie Smith (1992) NAVY

Robert Sowden (1994) ARMY served in Afghanistan

Martin Anderson (2001), USMC, served in Afghanistan